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 It's Your Business.

And your image and reputation on the Net is OUR Business.  Simple?  NO!!  The internet superhighway is robust with fancy-talkin' and catch phrases to woo your PR decisions.  But where is the internet really going?  How much should you invest?  CLICK HERE
Marketing is Evolving.  You?                     

My customers know why.

We'll develop a custom solution for growth on the internet for your company with a guaranteed return on investment.  This is a not a simple problem, really.  It is a marketing challenge.  You get what you pay for!  Don't make choices only to save money.

Convince yourself to understand.

 Usually you don't see yourself as others do.  How then, do you 'think outside the box' when you are evaluating your own image, your most effective advertising and all other PR and promotional expenses?
Increasingly, people are looking for restaurants, shops and service providers on their mobile devices. According to Google, mobile searches increased by 400 percent this year and are expected to outpace desktop searches by 2013.

This seriously weighs in against your publicity and promotion projects and you should consider an intergrated solution developed by a professional who cares about his clients............Send me a note on my Contact Page.  I'll follow up.

Tom Urich, Consultant
International Services
Ann Arbor / Wiesbaden




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